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Talking AQUAMAN and WONDER WOMAN, VENOM Casting, and the MCU Future | Nerdist

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In case you haven't noticed, we here at Nerdist are especially fond of our caped crusaders, our masked vigilantes, our high-flying, skyline-decimating guardians angels--you know, superheroes. And today's episode of Nerdist News Talks Back covers all our favorite big scree day-savers in one fell swoop. Whether your particular superpowered tastes lie with sea kings, Amazonian queens, Wakandan princes, or Asgardian gym rats, we've got your interests covered. So tune in to watch host Jessica Chobot, Managing Editor Alicia Lutes, and writer Amy Vorpahl talk Marvel, DC, and more. First up, let's dive deep into this latest image from James Wan's...
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